Swimming pool infections

Be careful - swimming pool infection!

A visit to the swimming pool, for most a nice leisure time. Unfortunately, there is a rude awakening for many women after days to weeks: discharge, itching, ulcers or warts in the vaginal area can be the unpleasant consequences.

What most people do not know: The chlorination of the water does not kill off all the germs and if the water, as in a spa or in the whirlpool, is particularly warm, this is not only very pleasant, but bacteria, fungi and viruses can almost unhindered multiply, infection with Gardnerella, Candida, herpes or genital warts is often inevitable.

Doctors experience it daily, up to 50% of all women, with the o.g. Complaints come in the consultation, were previously in the swimming pool, in a spa or in the Jacuzzi. The treatment of these infections is partly simple (bacteria, fungi, herpes) but also persistent, tedious and unpleasant, up to laser surgery under general anesthesia.

Another important topic, which is under-noticed, is the development of fungal infections of the vagina by antibiotics. Often a dose of antibiotics is indicated, e.g. in the case of infections in the ENT area, in urinary tract infections or after dental treatment. If antibiotics are given for longer than 3-5 days, there is a risk for women of up to 50% of getting a fungal infection. Therefore, instead of waiting for the infection, it is often useful to prophylactically administer an anti-fungal agent in the form of a combination pack (cream and vaginal suppositories) in parallel for the duration of the treatment.

So, if you are planning your next swimming pool visit or if you need to take antibiotics - talk to your gynecologist first!

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