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Anti-Aging-Medicine means detecting problems and changes in good time, allowing you to live a longer and better life. Our comprehensive approach to prevention means that we recommend regularly checking our body's important organ systems and metabolic functions. This is the only way to detect risky situations in good time and treat them, allowing you to remain healthy and fit for longer.

Between the ages of 40 and 50, hormone levels gradually become unstable. This is often associated with lethargy, mood changes and an intolerance to stress. These are precursors that can often long precede the typical menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, disturbed sleep and depression, and which as a result often go undetected.

Even if you do not feel unwell, comprehensive screening with a personalized risk forecast is a useful and practical step to take. Your quality of life will be improved over the long term, and your physical capacity will be increased.

An analysis of certain hormones can help discover any imbalances in your hormone levels and facilitate early treatment. Many of the unpleasant side effects of aging can be quickly and easily eliminated through gentle compensation with personalized, balanced hormone therapy.

>>> Menopause-Check (Please print and bring it with you)

Through many years of continued training in the field of prevention and anti-aging, I have gained my qualifications and experience in these fields alongside my gynecology practice.

A medical consultation generally includes the following steps:

Consultation with the doctor: An evaluation of your lifestyle and your disease risks 

Blood tests: Screening of important prevention, risk and hormone blood levels

Arteriosclerosis screening: Ultrasound examination of both carotid arteries (CIMT)

Osteoporosis screening: LUNAR-ACHILLES-Ultrasound device uses no radiation

These examinations are important components of a comprehensive and responsible clinical program of treatment aimed at detecting unknown disease risks and therefore making them treatable. 

Additional investigations:

Ultrasound: Ultrasound of the abdomen, heart and thyroid gland to rule out pathological processes

Cardiac CT: Computer tomography of the heart with accurate imaging of the coronary arteries

Smoker's CT: Computer tomography to rule out lung cancer    

Virtual colonoscopy: Computer tomography to rule out bowel cancer

These are all carried out in collaboration with accredited specialist clinics. We work with leading experts in all disciplines. Successful treatment involves lifestyle advice, dietary supplementation / orthomolecular medicine and, if necessary, the compensation of hormone deficits.


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