Male Andropause Munich



The male menopause, known as the andropause, does actually exist: Sweating, less energy, burnout, impotence and depression are just some of its symptoms. Often, these symptoms are an expression of dwindling hormone production. This often occurs between the ages of 50 and 60.

An in-depth consultation in our ANDROPAUSE-CENTER-MUNICH with an examination and blood tests can provide crucial information. With the right treatment, your quality of life can improve considerably in just a few weeks.

General information about organization:

For privately insured patients (women and men), medically indicated diagnostic procedures and treatmentsare generally fully reimbursed. 

Patients with statutory insurance only are given an individual invoice of fees as part of the personalized health services following a one-to-one consultation. Information regarding costs can be obtained from the practice.

Please read the explanation sheet carefully before your appointment. An in-depth consultation and explanation of your condition will then also take place in person. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions then, and you will confirm your consent with your signature. 

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