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Additional to these well known substances there are hormones that can improve your qualitlity of life enormously, if there is a real deficiency. They also can slow down the effects of aging. Three of the most important hormones I would like to introduce to you:

DHEA - the "fountain of youth hormone"

DHEA, the "fountain of youth hormone", boosts the immune system and can improve mental capacity. As the antagonist to the stress hormone cortisol, it protects against the consequences of excess stress that causes us to age more quickly. From around the age of 25, production of DHEA slows down, and over time this can lead to an impairment in an individual's overall sense of wellbeing. This can be expressed through frequent episodes of depression, for example, lethargy and increased susceptibility to stress. During my prevention consultations, I have often noted that despite all of the contradictory studies, an adequate dose of DHEA has in many cases caused a significant improvement in the patient's attitude towards life and ability to handle stress.

Melatonin - the natural sleeping hormone

Melatonin is produced in the dark and has a retarding effect on many metabolic processes, thereby saving energy and protecting the body from unnecessary wear and tear. As we age, less melatonin is produced. Its antioxidant effect as a radical catcher and the positive influence on real sleep disturbances and jet lag have already been proven.

Neither melatonin nor DHEA have been found to cause significant side effects or increased tumor formation at normal therapeutic blood levels.

Growth hormone - the leading hormone

Growth hormone, or HGH (Human Growth Hormone) promotes the development of muscles, cartilage and bone in adults, breaks down fat and is involved in the body's immune defenses. During childhood, this hormone controls the body's longitudinal growth. Astonishing successes have been achieved in humans with age-related reductions in capacity, weak muscles, osteoporosis and increased abdominal fat. In the USA, there has been a veritable run on this treatment for a number of years. Since we in Europe adopt a more reserved approach to new treatments and as dose-dependent side effects cannot be ruled out, this treatment is only being used gradually in Germany and on the basis of scientifically verified result, which I believe is a welcome development.

Generally speaking, hormones should only be taken after careful advice with professional medical supervision and regular checks of blood hormone levels. It is important in this context to always maintain the hormone levels within the physiological range. This ensures a low-risk, successful treatment that benefits the patient.

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