Pregnancy counseling


Your period is late, and you might be pregnant - what do you do? Any woman can findherself in this situation, and some women become pregnant even though they do not want a baby. For most women in a good, stable relationship, this is the moment in which their greatest dream comes true - to have a child. But there are also many women for whom such a moment does not bring the same joy. Some are ambivalent, are very afraid of what will happen, and some are against pregnancy for various reasons.

At moments like this thoughts and emotions are running through your head

  • How far gone am I? 
  • Will it fit into my life at this point? 
  • Is this the end of my personal freedom? 
  • What happens to my education, my career? 
  • What will my partner say? Will our relationship survive? 
  • Can I, can we, afford a child right now? 
  • Will my life change completely?

You should stay calm and do the following:

Talk to your partner about how you are feeling. 

Take enough time to be clear about your decision, because you need to be able to live with your decision later, whichever choice you make.

Arrange an appointment with a gynecologist you trust to confirm possible pregnancy or determine the cause of your missed period. 

To get more information, you should go to one of the recognized Pregnancy Advice Centers. According to the law, at least 3 days must elapse between the consultation and the actual termination, so that you have had enough time to consider your decision carefully.

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