COMPETENT. Practice Dr. Tschebiner

Cytological Lab

During the annual gynecological check-up, a cytological smear is taken from the cervix. This is specially stained and then examined under a microscope for suspicious cells. Most gynecological practices send the smear to specialized cytology centers, which then evaluate it.

Due to my additional special training in Cytology, i.e. microcopic cell diagnostics, which I acquired at the University Clinic for Gynecology during my residency, I am able to provide this assessment myself.

In my laboratory for cytology / cell diagnostics, which is part of my practice, my cytological-technical assistant and I process the smear preparations from my own practice as well as from practices that send them in for examination and evaluate them under the microscope. Particularly difficult cases are discussed and reviewed several times.

In our cytology laboratory, the conventional PAP smear, but also special smears such as Thinprep and HPV tests are performed.

Germany is one of the countries worldwide with the highest quality standards, also in the field of gynecological cell diagnostics, cytology. Quality management system applied in my cytology laboratory, which we are constantly improving, ensures a consistently high quality of evaluation. Periodical controlling by the KVB supports our measures.