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Improving on the conventional “pap smear”
Originally known as the “pap smear”, the procedure involved collecting cells from the cervix and smearing them onto a glass slide.
With the ThinPrep® Pap-Test, the test sample is rinsed into a vial of liquid and is then sent to a laboratory. A representative sample is put on a slide, and the slide is stained with a special dye that makes the cells easier to see. Liquid-based pap tests are far more accurate than conventional pap smears, and are used in approximately 90% of pap tests given in the U.S. today.

One exam, four tests
The ThinPrep®Pap-Test meets stringent FDA standards for additional testing from a single pap sample. This means that your doctor can perform additional tests without collecting additional samples. The tests that can be performed are:
Cervical cancer testing (the pap test)
HPV testing
Chlamydia testing
Gonorrhea testing
Trichomonas testing

The ThinPrep®Pap-Test and adenocarcinoma
The ThinPrep®Pap-Test is the only test with FDA-approved labeling that is supported by multiple peer-reviewed publications reporting increased glandular disease (adenocarcinoma) detection.1-6 This is particularly important since adenocarcinoma is on the rise.

More accurate than other tests
The ThinPrep®Pap-Test is worth asking for because it offers:
More accuracy than the conventional “pap smear” — the ThinPrep®Pap-Test is the only pap test approved by the FDA as “significantly more effective” than the conventional pap smear for detection of cervical abnormalities. In studies, the ThinPrep Pap Test improved the detection of precancerous cervical cells when compared with the conventional pap smear.

A wide range of benefits
Since FDA approval in 1996, more than 170 independent studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, demonstrating a wide range of clinical benefits of the ThinPrep®Pap-Test. These benefits include:
Increased disease detection
More confident diagnoses
Better sample preparation
Cost effectiveness

For your information:
If you want a greater peace of mind, when you do your PAP-test, please let us know, if you want ThinPrep® Pap-Test.

For privately insured patients (women and men), the ThinPrep® Pap-Test is fully reimbursed in most cases.

Patients with statutory insurance only are given an individual invoice of fees as part of the personalized health Services. Information regarding costs can be obtained from the practice.