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HPV-Testing and Vaccination

One of the main causes for cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are many types of which the most are “low risk”, causing genital warts (Condyloma). High risk type HPV are responsible for most of cervical cancer desease.

You’re more likely to get HPV if you:

Have sex at an early age

Have many sex partners

Have a sex partner who has had multiple Partners

For some years now we have tests, detecting HPV in cervical smears. If there are no findings, the risk of developing cervical cancer within the next years is very low. Still the PAP smear is the gold standard for detecting cervical cancer or precancerous lesions.


Since 2006 there are two vaccinations in Germany (Gardasil®, Cervarix®) against different types of viruses. This is a big step in fighting cervical cancer, caused by virus. But there is no 100% protection, because it is not helpful against all different virus-types. That is, why a PAP-Smear once a year still is very important fo every woman.

For your information:

If you want a greater peace of mind, when you do your PAP-test, please let us know, if you want additional HPV-testing.

For privately insured patients (women and men), the HPV-testing is generally fully reimbursed.

Patients with statutory insurance only are given an individual invoice of fees as part of the personalized health Services. Information regarding costs can be obtained from the practice.

If you have a pathological PAP-smear, HPV-testing is covered by statutory insurance.